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All about Scary Places on Earth
A number of places on earth require specific individuals with certain personalities to visit since they are so scary. Listed below are strange places on earth that one cannot just visit as they wish.

Some place in Japan is so strange for people to visit due to its nature of containing dead bodies that mainly arise from people committing suicide. Kenmore insane asylum in Australia is a place where people with various problems such as depression, alcoholism or learning disabilities among others went to the place and committed strange murders like hanging, shooting and others. In the united states of America, there is a plantation known as the Myrtles plantation in which there are rumors spread about it that it is built on a site tat was initially a burial ground for Indians and that several murders have occurred in the places accompanied with some instances of ghosts seen.

In the United Kingdom, there is a village called Pluckley village which is recorded to have an estimate of about fifteen ghosts and it is suggested that these ghosts arise out of a certain man who was stabbed and hang on a tree and therefore this man is deemed to be haunting the area. There is a pool in Australia where people drown out of reasons which cannot be clearly explained and this is because there is a belief behind it that the pool was cursed by a certain woman after her lover was taken away from her. There is a strange fort in India that is believed to be cursed during early times by a certain wizard and a holy man and this curse makes people to disappear once they enter the place.

A strange prison is in Indonesia and is said to be disturbed by a ghost of a lady who killed herself while in that very prison. The Penang War museum in Malaysia was initially built as a defense fortress but later converted to a prison and it acted as a site of torture and beheading enemies and is reported that one of the people tortured is the ghost that haunts the place. There is an island in Italy that contains an asylum where doctors used to perform strange experiments on mentally ill people and the island also acted as an exile for people showing symptoms of diseases; the soil there is covered by human ash because of the large amount of people that were burned from there and one can see more here. The Hanging Coffins of the Philippines so one of the strange places one can visit since it a site where cliffs contains cliffs of the dead hang on their sides as a sign of people showing respect to the commands that were given by their ancestors.